A week in Skiathos

In August myself and my boyfriend (Dan) visited Greece for the first time in the beautiful island of Skiathos (a small Greek island in the northwest Aegean Sea).

We had a hard time choosing which island to visit out of the 6,000 greek islands in total. We decided to go to Skiathos as it is one of the smaller greek islands and easy to get around by a local bus or on foot. This was great news to me as I am not a confident driver abroad. The pictures really don’t do this dreamy green forest island justice!

I have far to many pictures as usual so I thought i’d make this space a mini photo diary of our trip.

The island is covered in green and has one big road that goes through the whole of Skiathos. The bus comes around every 20 minutes and brings you from the old town right down to the southwest part of the island to the famous Koukounaries beach. You can hop off at any stop and go for a half an hour walk through the sandy forests and you find yourself a new quiet beach, i’d defiantly recommend doing this instead of heading to the more touristy ones.

A boat trip to Lalaria beach and Tsougria island is a must do. I have honestly never been somewhere so beautiful in my life than Tsougria island. It’s a 20 minute boat trip from Skiathos old town and still part of the Sporades. Tsougria is a protected natural habitat with no resident population which might be why it’s so beautiful!

Beaches, pine forests and back streets.